How A Live Answering Service Can Boost Your Holiday Sales

It's almost Christmas time and retailers and service providers alike are redoubling their marketing efforts in anticipation of bumper sales at their busiest time of the year.  So, are you ready to enter the fray, and how could a live answering service help to make your festive season truly sparkle?

Read on for some helpful advice. 

Use a live answering service to guarantee great customer service

Everyone is busy at Christmas time.  Shoppers don't have the time to sit and wait for their calls to be answered, and they certainly don't want to be left on hold for ages while your stretched staff deal with other enquiries.  That's why it's a really good plan to use a live answering service during the run-up to holiday time.  This will guarantee your clients a 24/7 response to their calls, boosting your orders and your profits.

Special offers

Many customers look for special offers and sales when making holiday purchases.  The value of each purchase is closely examined in light of the current economic climate, and you can use this to your advantage when designing your holiday marketing campaigns.

Put together special deals and offer them to your followers on social media and subscribers on your email lists, and remember to stress that these offers are exclusive.  This will demonstrate to your customers that they matter to you and will also build your online following. 

Brief your live answering service about these offers so that they are able to provide callers with more information, which will result in sales.


Holiday time is perfect for reinforcing your relationship with your customers by going beyond emails, Tweets and postings.  Exceed their expectations by provided unexpected surprises. 

Surprises can take many forms, including referral rewards programs, personalised holiday cards, personal and public thanks on social media networks, and even 'thank you' phone calls from specially trained virtual assistants.

Through this sort of action, you're showing that you really value each transaction and that you care.  This is always appreciated and is usually reciprocated with customer loyalty and future purchases or referrals.

In conclusion

It's not too late to cash in on the holiday season no matter what industry or target market you're into.  Take advantage of the services of a live answering service like The Message Centre by using the simple tips above to ramp up your holiday marketing campaign and look forward to a very Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year!