5 Innovative Ways to Create Badges That Are Eco-Friendly

As an event organizer, being environmentally friendly should be a top priority. It highlights your company's social responsibility. Additionally, it shows you're forward thinking, regardless of your industry. For expos, launch parties and even conferences, going green is a chance to not only be more creative but to also use the advances made in modern event technology. Here's how you can ensure the name badges at your event are eco-friendly.

How Measuring Attitudes Helps PR Campaigns

Public attitudes to a brand are one of the most important things for any business to understand. Without a true understanding of how the public views a brand, especially a consumer brand, the desired identity of it may well be at odds with how it is actually perceived. If there is a differential between the desired brand identity and the public view of it, then all sorts of marketing messages and PR campaigns can fail to hit the mark or, worse still, resonate in negative ways.

How A Live Answering Service Can Boost Your Holiday Sales

It's almost Christmas time and retailers and service providers alike are redoubling their marketing efforts in anticipation of bumper sales at their busiest time of the year.  So, are you ready to enter the fray, and how could a live answering service help to make your festive season truly sparkle? Read on for some helpful advice.  Use a live answering service to guarantee great customer service Everyone is busy at Christmas time.